About Hog -N- Bones

The first Hog-N-Bones was opened in September of 2007 in Waycross Ga.

As the owners of Jerry J’s Country Café, we began to put ideas together, taking what we were doing with fast country cooking and turning that into fast Breakfast and Bar-B-Q. That’s when Hog-N-Bones was born!

Many people ask, “How did you come up with a name like Hog-N-Bones?”

  • We like to think of it like this: you start eating the hog and all that’s left, is just the bones!

  • We also wanted to brand everything we served and everything our employees wore so we did that by branding ourselves with what we all recognize today as the HNB Brand logo.

Since breakfast was what we were known well for in our Jerry J’s Country Café restaurants we wanted to continue to serve it in our Hog-N-Bones restaurants as well, but with a twist! Hog-N-Bones is a Bar-B-Q restaurant that serves a southern style breakfast each and every morning beginning at 6am and then rolls into our slow cooked, real smoked Bar-B-Q menu for lunch and supper. If you’re in a hurry to get our great food then you can come through our fast and friendly drive-thru order from our breakfast or lunch menu and be on your way.

“Where Hungry gets Happy”